Revit families, template files and shared parameters make up the core of any customized starting package when working on BIM projects. Our company can create Revit families tailored to your requirements, both in terms of geometry, parametric behaviour and shared parameters. When starting on new projects, it can be fundamental to have a well prepared template file and properly managed shared parameters for your information storage needs. Has your company recently transitioned to BIM and is begining to work with Revit? We can provide a custom started content package for your company so your architects and engineers can focus more on the project and less on configuring Revit.



Revit content can be roughly grouped into the following:

  • Revit families of key usable objects (doors, window, railings, furniture, structural elements such as reinforced concrete beams, bridge beam or box section girders, etc.). We can provide quality structural and architectural families for your projects. We can recreate objects from cad or other 2d drawings, even sketches.
  • Template files for specific projects or scenarios that contain a precustomized workspace, with essential starting Revit families and settings, views, schedules, parameters.
  • Shared parameters that are normally agreed upon in advance and tailored to meet your projects requirements or tailored to your general company workflow.

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