The widespread digitization in the AEC sector has greatly increased the available digital data from new projects. It is fast becoming the new major resource to be mined and used. BIM is well positioned to both produce and take advantage of all the available data. The nature of working with projects in an information rich environment means that new technological applications can be derived from this data. BIM data analytics can give your consultancy the knowledge it was lacking on BIM implementation and BIM project execution.

Invoke SHIFT can help your team mine this precious new resource from your existing or new BIM projects and consult on how to make the most out of it. From potential machine learning applications to analytics, statistics and general insight generation.

We perform data mining of Revit models through Dynamo or directly through Revit API. Invoke SHIFT can develop custom automated solutions to data mine your projects for the information you need, without overwhelming with general information that not adding any value to your cause. We can help you store the extracted data in databases or other formats that you require.

Read more about BIM data analytics implementation, workflow and options for Revit in our blog post over.

BIM data analytics and insights
BIM insights dashboard

Potential uses of BIM data:

  • Data analytics and statistics, obtaining insights from data previously unknown, presenting the data in a visually clean and understandable manner, for example, with Microsoft Power BI.
  • Monitoring of Revit models, checking if project data and the model in general meets predetermined company or project standards.
  • Employing the collected data for generative design and machine learning purposes. Collected data can be used to develop automated workflows, tools for cases such as reinforcement placement in structures, steel connections, other Revit element placements and much more.
  • ¬†Interconnecting separate BIM models or projects from various disciplines of AEC.
  • Consolidating data from multiple models or disciplines such as architectural, structural, MEP and others into a single source of truth for large scale projects.

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