Generally available tools and software are mostly just that, generalized solutions to common problems that rarely account for the wide variety of practices present in the AEC industry. Particularly when it comes to civil engineering, practices on how to approach certain problems can differ wildly not just between companies but people as well. These tools do have a place in this sector. However, they often require that your company adapts to a new style of working, a new workflow.

We understand how difficult it can be to adapt to new software and tools, particularly when previous ways of working have to be discarded. Invoke SHIFT specializes in the application of Dynamo, a visual programming tool, dedicated to enhancing Revit workflows through programming logic. This provides us with several advantages that we transfer to you. We can deliver a truly custom tailored automation solution to you that can be easily integrated in your current workflows. You do not need to retrain your architects and engineers working with Revit. Furthermore, working with Dynamo enables us to deliver the core functionality early on and iterate the process together with the client, ensuring rapid deployment of these tools.

When required, we can also provide custom plug-ins by working directly with the Revit API.

When delivering Dynamo scripts we include full on instructions on how to use the script and its interface.  Another advantage of Dynamo scripts is the ability to easily edit these scripts should your company ever need to.

Dynamo visual programming sandbox
Revit Python scripting
Dynamo script with interface

BIM project automation tool examples

Some examples of what we can achieve through the development of custom tools, but most certainly are not limited to:

  • Automatically generate multi-span reinforced concrete or steel bridges with complex curved geometries, water drainage systems, pavements, curbs and other elements as necessary.
  • Automated management of BIM data at project level or company wide. Checking whether client requirements for data are satisfied within the project, fixing errors in parametric data. Automated insertion of parameter values.
  • Revit rebar generation following company standards and practices to easily generate rebar elements for large parts of your project. Ensuring consistent project quality and timely deliveries.
  • Automated view generation with dimensions and tags placed according to custom rules.

Generally, custom scripts are project specific (though can be adapted to general problems), focused on complex solutions to model or automate parts of the BIM model that would otherwise not be possible or would take up significant amounts of work hours of your team if done manually.

Real-life applications


Automated placement of precast tunnel panels

Dynamo was used for the initial stage of the FSE 209 Main Tunnel Skärholmen BIM project. The project is part of one of the largest infrastructure projects in Sweden that will link the northern and southern parts of Stockholm. ELU Konsult AB is tasked with delivering the FSE209 project fully in BIM formats. More information can be found by clicking this link.

To speed up the workflow, a custom Dynamo based solution was developed to automate the placement of precast reinforced concrete panels along tunnel side paths and with very specific dimensioning and spacing requirements.

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