When it comes to large scale projects that have high degree of complexity or are extended throughout multiple years, a customized workflow can greatly contribute to a timely and quality delivery. Our workflows for Revit based projects are based on task automation to reduce time wasted on repetitive design processes and making complex modelling possible that otherwise would demand highly specialized skills that may not be present in the company. As engineers, we understand the wish to maximize project quality, but we also understand the needs of a design consultancy as business. Competition is growing and deadlines are getting stricter. Therefore, we always prioritize increased productivity with our workflows, ensuring your architects and engineers can get more done in less time.

One core issue within the AEC industry, particularly with large scale infrastructure projects, is the time wasted on reworking project parts or entire projects. Having an automation based workflow can help your team tackle such issues with significantly less downturn.

Workflow development is not limited to just single projects. We can provide solutions for entire company wide workflows, assisting your architects and engineers to comply with company standards in a faster and simpler way.

Workflow automation
Large Dynamo scripts

Workflow development is a relatively lengthy process and consists of multiple stages. Early on we try to meet directly or virtually as often as possible to discuss and address the general strategy and requirements. Afterwards we will analyze your existing workflow, Revit project structures, company standards that are mandated for projects.

We will provide a proposal list of tools that would enhance various aspects of your work, from BIM modelling to Revit reinforcement placement, data extraction, parameter checking, etc. Once agreed on priorities, we will begin developing and deploying iteratively these tools, so they can be live tested in a real environment before the finalized versions are made available and documented at the end.

At this stage we recommend to dedicate an in-house team that will be responsible for communication and testing of our tools on actual projects while we continue work. Invoke SHIFT will provide training on how to use the developed tools.

Lastly, we deliver a completed library of Dynamo scripts or Revit API based plug-ins, in addition to Revit templates and families, we will provide a detailed instructional handbook for all tools, on how to use them, areas of use and key features. We will also provide maintenance support for the developed tools, that covers updating to the next new version of Dynamo/Revit, debugging when tools do not perform as expected in situations previously agreed upon. If desired, we can provide extended support for a longer duration.

Depending on the scale, workflow development can extend into several months of work and may be supported by us for extended periods of time.

Since we tailor workflows to your need, they will always be customized to maximize your teams efficiency in working with Revit BIM models. Your company can control the process of how we adapt a new workflow for your team.

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