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Here at Invoke SHIFT we aim to advance your company onto the path to innovative and efficient automated BIM workflows by combining our engineering, research and coding skills. We want to get to know you and your problems so we can customize solutions that work best for you. As engineers we understand the various issues AEC companies face when delivering projects.

We work within the Autodesk ecosystem and use our experience for Revit based projects. We employ Dynamo, a visual programming sandbox, Python and Revit API to deliver automation solutions to address your unique needs. We deliver Dynamo solutions in ways that are beneficial to your company by delivering scripts that can be openly modified or extended we leave the doors open for your design consultancy to evolve through learning and adapting our developed tools in your own ways.

Outside of automation, we consult and provide various types of project support, from infrastructure projects such as bridges, culverts, to residential and office buildings. We tackle both engineering and architectural disciplines.

Automated digital data driven AEC future

We view the future of Architecture, Engineering and Construction sector as the largest upcoming playground for digital technologies. As the largest industrial sector in the world, it was relatively slow to adopt new technologies and innovations. However with the arrival of Building Information Modelling and its subsequent rapid adoption, a new era has begun.

Now information and data enabled designs are possible, with BIM models containing higher level of detail geometries, more detailed information descriptions. From these technologies, new paradigms have started to emerge based on automation of various digital design processes and major projects. These include adoption of highly parametric model definitions, computational design applications in the form of generative design and solution optimization.

Invoke SHIFT positions itself as the enabler of these innovative technologies for practical applications in day to day projects. We firmly believe in continuous improvement, both in terms of managing and delivering BIM projects. We see the advantages of digital design process automation and aim to transfer those benefits to you, increasing the efficiency of your team and quality of your projects.

Most importantly, we see automation in the AEC as the next paradigm shift, that will free up  your most valuable resource, your architects and engineers, from repetitive and time consuming tasks to focus on expressing their creativity and ingenuity to advance and solve your future engineering problems in ways we might not be able to imagine now.

BIM, engineering and programming synergy

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Workflow automation

We provide specialized services in:

BIM project support

Helping your company deliver Revit projects to your clients

Custom Revit tool development

Developing Dynamo scripts and Revit API based solutions

Automated workflow development

Revit workflow development with task automation in mind

BIM data mining & analytics

Extracting data from BIM models and analytics implementation

Computational design

Helping you find optimal solutions to problems through generative design


BIM implementation strategies, design process automation

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