We provide BIM project support through Revit modelling and application of Dynamo tailored to your projects. Invoke SHIFT is able to provide detailed structural and architectural BIM modelling assistance within the Autodesk Revit environment.  We focus on delivering quality structural and architectural models. We are not afraid of unconventional projects, as we can provide unconventional solutions!

For larger projects, we can integrate as part of your team, collaborate remotely with occasional visits to carry out all necessary Revit related tasks in order for your company to deliver a higher quality BIM model and deliver it on time to your client. On smaller projects we can take up entire segments of the project to be modeled to your specifications.

Where neccesary, we will develop custom task focused tools with Dynamo to get the job done.


BIM infrastructure project support

Some examples of areas where we can be of help but certainly are not limited to:

  • Modelling infrastructure and industrial structures.
  • Detailed modelling of reinforced concrete structures.
  • Detailed modelling of steel structures.
  • Reinforcement modelling, view preparation and scheduling, parameter management.
  • Rebar optimization in the form of unifying bar shapes, partitioning and cleaning up Revit reinforcement drawings, preparing quantity schedules.
  • Delivery creation from Revit models in the form of views, sheets, exports for delivery and collaboration.
  • Complex geometry modelling for cases such as highly curved bridge sections.
  • Modelling of large projects with numerous repetitive elements and placements, such as piling, railings, panels, tunnel segments, etc.
  • Generating working topographic surfaces.
  • Management of parameters and Revit quantity schedules to satisfy project standards and other requirements.
  • Full information management in Revit models to meet required delivery standards.
  • Graphical project BIM model representation, vizualization creation, working with BIM data to prepare visual presentations for your clients.
  • Carrying out clash detections and fixing problems from reinforcement collisions to general element conflicts.

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