Computational design in AEC can be seen as a whole new concept of working without having to rely on very long manual processes to find optimal solutions or, worse, using guesses and rules of thumb. We can instruct machines how to analyze our problem of choice and what criteria to achieve. While machine learning and computational design can substitute for architects or engineers in certain cases, we are firm believers that the best approach is to aim for synergy between man and machine, to make the most out of our ability to be creative and insightful, with the ability of computers to rapidly crunch numbers, lots of numbers.

With increasing availability of data and parametrized BIM models, we will be seeing computational design implemented on all key projects. Invoke SHIFT can help you utilize the power of computational design in the form of generative design for analyzing various options for buildings, infrastructure, form rationalization and more. We can help you optimize your solutions not only in the form of generative design, but also adapt mathematical optimization within Dynamo and Python to achieve best results for your problem.

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